Universidad Carlos III de Madrid UC3M - Parque Cientifico

UC3M is a public university listed in QS University Rankings. In its relation with society, UC3M acts via its Science Park as a catalyst for local innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem impacting socio-economic development. UC3M Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service, SEI, supports innovators and entrepreneurs safeguard and commercialize intellectual property, develop startups into sustainable ventures and forge strategic collaborations. It rules the UC3M Science Park and pursues this mission on the basis of: - Business Incubator node at Centre of ESA BIC Madrid Region coordinated by Fundación para el conocimiento madri+d since 2015. Incubation of 17 start-ups (up to 2021). https://www.uc3m.es/innovacion/innova/nodo-esabic-uc3m - Science Based Incubator at UC3M Science Park with growth support services offered to spinoffs and innovative start-ups creation and development since 2002 including: - Entrepreneurship Programme institutional programme fostering an entrepreneurial culture and start-up creation including minor and mayor training programmes, mentoring support, business plan competitions, prizes and clubs for entrepreneurs. - Business Incubation and Acceleration Programme wide-ranging support services for spin-offs and start-ups: expert mentoring, coaching, networking, and clustering. Hands-on approach focus on investment readiness and strengthening of firm technology base. - Information desk of PIDI Network, Information Points Network on Research, Development and Innovation Activities, CDTI, Center for Technological and Industrial Development, Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness) since 2012, attended more than 400 queries. - UC3M Spinoffs and start-ups Portfolio. 32 knowledge-based firms (2020). 30% spin-offs. UC3M shareholding in 4. Distribution by sector and applications: 29% Aerospace Industry, 24% IoT, Smart Cities, Telecom; 17% Energy and Environment; 17% new materials and processes; 7% banking; 9% education and retail and 4% health. Link to UC3M Incubator portfoliio: https://www.uc3m.es/sciencepark/companies-brands-portfolio - Specialization in creating and scaling up start-ups from and to space sector, coordinators of Space to and from Go2Space-HUB network Coimbra, Tallinn, Madrid with Space Acceleration Program http://go2space-hubs.eu/ In addition, working closely with UC3M units: - University entrepreneurship education programmes: master programme and undergraduate courses (what and where-transversally). - Solid processes of valorisation of research results and strong technology transfer capabilities

Web: https://www.uc3m.es/parquecientifico/cartera-empresas-marcas

Category: Public Incubators / Accelerators

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