We are Elewit, the technology platform of the Red Eléctrica Group. We were founded in 2019 to offer solutions to the new challenges in the electricity and telecommunications sectors. Our goal: to promote energy transition and connectivity for a sustainable future. We are looking for startups to explore new businesses opportunities with them, to make our processes more efficient and to drive the technologies and tools in Red Eléctrica Group. The focus of our 5 months Program for stratups is identifying, together with our business units, which use cases can become a pilot that helps us validate your solution. Generate a new business opportunity and income for your company. Second, at Elewit we pose Challenges because we look for solutions that can be quickly implemented, we want to upgrade our assets, data and operations and we want to create new spaces for interaction and exchange. Programs: https://www.elewit.ventures/es/vc-startups/programas

Web: https://www.elewit.ventures/

Category: Corporate Incubator Accelerator or VC, Venture Builders or Facilitators

Target industries

cybersecurity, fintech, mobility, telecom

2 startups supported – New startups supported by this entity*

Recognai, PiperLab S.L.

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* Only innovative startups founded since 2016 and based in the Madrid Region are listed.
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