Ports 4.0

The Ports 4,0 equity fund is the corporate open innovation model adopted by the Spanish State Port Authorities to attract, support and facilitate the application of talent and entrepreneurship to the Spanish public and private ports sector, within the context of 4th industrial revolution. The main target of the Fund is to actively promote and incorporate disruptive or incremental innovation as a competitiveness, efficiency, sustainability, security and protection element, in the Spanish public and private logistics-ports sector, to facilitate its transition towards economy 4.0. Ports 4,0 will stimulate the creation or consolidation of a fabric of emergent companies (Startups), spin-offs or new business lines, within the technological scope, in existing companies developing innovative market-driven products, services or processes for the ports logistics sector. The Spanish Ports Tradetech Fund, Ports 4,0, is intended for all those entrepreneurs and both national and international companies, who have innovative ideas or projects capable of improving the efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability of the ports logistics sector and, in general, of trade. They must have sufficient development and growth capacity in the market through business projects, including the intra-entrepreneurship in the labour environment of the Port Authorities and State Ports Authority. The Fund is aimed at funding any stage of the innovation process (devising, validation, acceleration, prototyping and growth). It is not solely associated to new clearly disruptive technologies, but also to the development of new more efficient processes and business models based on the verticals of economy 4.0 (Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Robotics, Automation, Analytics, etc.). INCUBATOR - ACCELERATOR The KPMG/Innsomnia joint-venture, is constituted as the incubator/accelerator associated to Ports 4.0, with the objective of providing mentorship, incubation, acceleration and tracking of the ideas and projects both in the design and implementation phases framed in the Ports 4.0 Fund framework, and therefore maximize the success rate of the activities financed.

Web: https://ports40.es/

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