Sonar Ventures

Sonar Ventures is a venture builder, a company that creates new companies. We believe that startups are one of the most effective ways to have a real impact on people's lives. Our mission is to change the world through innovation and technology. We collaborate with entrepreneurs to create new products and services, and we build teams to scale as independent startups. We focus on only a few projects at a time, developing companies that will improve people's lives. We become one more co-founding partner, and we care about the details. We invest large amounts of time and resources in each of the startups we create.

Web: http://sonarventures.com/startups-fitb-wysh-lyra-yump/

Category: Venture Builders or Facilitators

Target industries

fintech, insurtech

1 startups supported – New startups supported by this entity*


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* Only innovative startups founded since 2016 and based in the Madrid Region are listed.
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