Indraventures is the driver around which the company's corporate innovation is organized. The main functions of Indraventures are: Channel and support collaboration and partnerships with external agents of the Innovation Ecosystem: universities, technology centers, startups, spinoffs, etc. Drive investment and acceleration of startups, spinoffs and innovative initiatives in the maturity phase: - Participation articulated through the direct investment in a range of €K 50-500 in successive rounds. Higher investments will be articulated through M&A. - Possible participation in development and acceleration, channeling, depending on the needs, Indra's contribution of human capital, technology or infrastructures. - This does not exclude direct development by the markets of innovation-related initiatives. The Innovation Committee will designate the unit in charge in each case, in response to the initiative's particularities.

Web: https://www.indracompany.com/es/indra/indraventures

Category: Corporate Incubator Accelerator or VC

00 startups supported – New startups supported by this entity*

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* Only innovative startups founded since 2016 and based in the Madrid Region are listed.
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