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CaixaBank's service for startups, scaleups and their nvestors, Dayone iis CaixaBank's new service, created to support, develop and accompany all these young companies, with rapid development and global scope of action, which carry out value-added activities and are financed mainly from own funds. It is a specialized banking service for technological, innovative companies and their investors. We have expert consultants who know the reality of the industry and accompany our clients at the different stages of their growth. We have specialized solutions initially built in response to uncovered needs and have a global network of contacts, thus developing relationships with the main actors and stakeholders in the different innovation hubs of the world. We accompany and facilitate the access of our customers in their global development. C/ Juan Bravo 3, Pl.Sot. 85, 28006 – Madrid +34 91 440 74 07

Web: https://dayonecaixabank.es/

Category: Corporate Incubator Accelerator or VC

00 startups supported – New startups supported by this entity*

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* Only innovative startups founded since 2016 and based in the Madrid Region are listed.
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