AXA Opensurance

AXA Opensurance is a platform that allows innovation mainly in sales-oriented solutions, collaborating, in an open way, with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in general and startups in particular. This open collaboration also allows us to be able to develop innovative distribution agreements. We are permanently open to innovative proposals, especially those that promote sales and also those that seek to develop innovative distribution agreements. We are currently looking for STARTUPS related to: New MOBILITY models New ways of WORKING FINTECH INSURTECH At AXA we believe in you, facilitating everything we have in our power for each of the development stages of your startup: - Special insurance programs for startups - We study new business models (platform economy: collaborative, access, on demand ...) - Opensurance Consultants, who are specialized in startups. - Co-creation with AXA - INSURTECHTALKS - AXA OPENsurance SPACE in Madrid

Web: https://www.axa.es/opensurance

Category: Corporate Incubator Accelerator or VC

Target industries

fintech, insurtech, mobility

00 startups supported – New startups supported by this entity*

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* Only innovative startups founded since 2016 and based in the Madrid Region are listed.
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