Web: https://www.lifi4food.com/

Founding Year: 2022

Business: selling own inventory, subscription

Business Focus: B2B, B2C

Address: Avenida del Mar Mediterraneo, 22, 28918, Madrid

Short Description (in Spanish): Commercialization of a monitoring system for precision agriculture in indoor agri-food facilities.

Overview (in Spanish): Our product is a monitoring system with battery-free sensors for precision agriculture in indoor agri-food facilities. It integrates two low-power communication technologies: passive LiFi to provide the sensors with both data and energy through the light and RF backscatter to send the data measured by the sensors to the network infrastructure and application servers. We target the market of vertical farms and high-tech greenhouses in Northern and Central Europe.

Patents: None


food & agritech, telecom


connected device, data analytics, iot internetofthings


ODS 02: Zero Hunger, ODS 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, ODS 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

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